Brackenfell Primary

Welcome to Brackenfell Primary

The vision of the Governing Body of the Brackenfell Primary School is as follows:

The creation and development of an institution of absolute excellence where every individual can develop according to his own potential to the highest level, to his own advantage as well as the school and community.

The vision is endorsed by the individual norms and standards ot those who are involved: respect for property; mutual respect; honesty and integrity; accountability and responsibility; adaptability and a culture of learning.

Brackenfell Primary is a school with a history rich in traditions and achievements that go back as far as 1906. Everyone involved is therefore compelled to maintain and improve the norms and standards that have previously set.

My greatest wish is to provide facilities that will keep up with the needs and expectations of our learners and the community and that go hand in hand with the development in education. The learners will be educated according to the Christiaan norms valued by the school’s management and the community. The Bible is used as fundamental guidance for education at the Brackenfell Primary School.

The philosophy of the education ot the whole person compels the education that takes place to make provision for the academic, physical, spiritual and cultural development of each learner and same is taken into consideration in the overall planning which is carries out with enthusiasm. Parents who enroll their children at Brackenfell Primary take communal responsibility for their children’s education through their involvement in their children and the daily events at Brackenfell Primary School.

The pupils of the Brackenfell Primary School will be educated, disciplined and taught to the best of the staff’s specific abilities.

The school’s motto is Possumus, “We Can”. We strive to implement it by the grace of God. Thank you that you have considered being involved in the Brackenfell Primary School. I can assure you that we will strive to do our best for your child. 


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